ds steel, steel detailing design and verification software based on yield analysis is online at

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Design of the most complex steel connections, reliability of the ultimate yield strength for new and existing structures

Quick and precise 3D design

The software is able to create most of complex geometries in a few steps.
Standard beam catalogs and steel connections library treat the most common cases. To go further, the software allows import of geometries in IFC and STEP format.

Reliable and intuitive state limit to ruin

Reliable: the ultimate yield strength is bounded. The software compute two load factors, the difference being the error on the solution.
Identification of the areas of weakness and animation of the ruin mecanism. Clear interpretation of result for easy correction and design optimisation.

Control of analysis

The software adapt and refine the mesh where it matters.
The user controls the accuracy of the result and can restart the calculation on an optimized mesh.

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Strains is dedicated to structural analysis and innovation. We aim to provide our clients with sound structural expertise, based on scientific calculation and experience, never afraid to go beyond the scope of engineering codes of practice. Our involvement in software development gives us the opportunity to create and accumulate engineering knowledge in the field of structural analysis, and to set continuously the basis for further innovation. We value intellectual integrity, together with the capacity of developing new ways of seeing engineering challenges, hoping to bring creative and elegant solutions for complex structural problems. We permanently look for collaboration and knowledge transmission, inside and outside our field of expertise, to feed our work with new ideas.




Strains founding members met inside the R&D team of a Paris based engineering consultancy. We had the opportunity to study complex structures and develop the in-house structural analysis software. Some years later, we felt the need to start a simulation software from scratch with the ambition to renew the methods currently used in Civil Engineering. Our understanding is that structural software should be developed by engineers, not only to fit the engineer’s needs, but also to go with the vision those engineers had about the future of structural engineering.




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